Volume Up

Volume Down



On screen menu within Kodi

Reboot Device

Turn on backlight


Home Screen

Left Click (Select)

Right Click (Back)

Page Up

Page Down


Forward 30 seconds

Rewind 30 seconds

Forward 10 minutes

Rewind 10 minutes.



Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows

Enter or OK

Letter C

FN + Enter

FN + \  (Backslash)


​FN + Q

Left Toggle on top

Right Toggle on top

FN + PgUp

FN + PgDn

FN + W

Right Arrow

Left Arrow

Up Arrow

​Down Arrow 

How to connect:

​​1.  Open the center back panel on your keypad and remove the usb dongle.
2.  Plug the dongle into one of the USB ports on your device.
3.  Slide the power slider at the top edge of the keypad to ON.

How to charge:

1) Turn off the keypad using the power slider at the top edge.

2) Connect the included USB cable from the keypad to your device.

3) Allow up to 8 hours for it to fully charge.


Text: (972) 244-3689